5 Steps to Deciphering the Code

You know there has to be a better way relative to your telecommunications services, but you just do not know where to start. One of the first steps organizations often take is to reach out to their current carrier contact and maybe a couple alternatives.  But, these engagements can often be lumped into 4 outcomes after you carefully explain your objectives.

  1. The presented proposal does not match your expectations, likely a representation of the carrier’s hot products needed to fill one of their sales quota buckets.
  2. A vague explanation of the solution is provided with minimal explanation of the features and benefits applicable to your unique requirements.
  3. Your carrier contact seems to disappear leaving you having to escalate the process so you can maintain your timeline to make decisions.
  4. The presentation adequately represents your needs, but now the pressure begins to close the sale before month end.

Additionally, if you request more than one solution for a single carrier or multiple carriers, the challenge often arises to now compare the solutions to determine which one meets your short and long term needs. Of course, each of the carriers will express they have the ideal solution for you.

The Orion Communications Process

We like to take a more consultative approach. Over more than 20 years of working within the telecommunications marketplace, we have developed a systematic process deemed very positive by our customers.

STEP ONE: From your current telecommunications billing, we develop a solid baseline of your current services.  This includes a solid analysis of your current costs including service, usage and taxes/surcharges.  A thorough understanding of your current services is critical to design potential solutions.

STEP TWO: We meet with you and your team to review your current services explaining what we find and match it up with your internal knowledge of your enterprise.  As a function of this initial meeting, we find out what is working well and which areas are determined to need change.  We also explore any pending business events which may change your short or long term requirements.  It is our objective to know your business so appropriate solutions can be developed.

STEP THREE: Orion utilizes our resources and expertise to design multiple potential solutions, taking into account your current environment, potential limitations and your requirements.  As a representative of over 250 carriers across the country, we can explore multiple carriers and solutions as a single point of contact demonstrating the strengths and weaknesses of each.  And, unlike working with carriers directly, Orion can design solutions including multiple vendors in a hybrid environment to take advantage of the strengths and weaknesses of multiple carriers in a single solution.  It is important to note that it is the objective of Orion to minimize change as much as possible.  We often find small adaptations to the current environment can be the ultimate solution.

STEP FOUR: We present to you and your team a thorough analysis including network illustrations, financial analysis and recommendations.  Also included are any additional considerations, implementation timeframes and potential liabilities for each of the solutions.  From this step, we look to refine the solution development and determine next steps.

STEP FIVE: A final solution is designed including requirements of your team, third party vendors and the Orion team.  A project scope is agreed upon by all the parties and the process begins.

Although Orion Communications never claims to be perfect along with the fact the telecommunications industry can be full of inherent challenges, this systematic approach has been found to be very successful by our customers. And, should unexpected challenges arise, Orion will be there to manage the process with you to ensure the anticipated outcome is achieved.

Now, many of you may be thinking this sounds too good to be true. A single point of contact, a resource to manage multiple carrier vendors and a project management team to support the implementation must be very expensive.  The fact is, although there may be some associated project management fees, the final costs for these services to your organization are minimal and always fully disclosed along the way.  And, unless initially agreed upon, you owe Orion nothing should one of our solutions not be selected.

So, if you feel there has to be a better way, but the thought of starting this tedious and time consuming process is overwhelming, maybe it is time to reach out to Orion Communications. You have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain in at least having a discussion.