A Commodity to an Opportunity

While reading a white paper by Market Pulse I realized how many companies are being held back by their voice services. Quite sad. Let me summarize the bleak truth of organizations being held back.

Companies see phone services as a commodity because you expect it to work. You expect to have voice mail when you come to the office, or call forwarding or just being able to make a call when you get to your office. When looking at these services the main factor seems to be cost. Which is why many people see to be switching over to cloud based voice services. However, companies need to realize that voice service is an asset, not a cost burden.

Phone solutions are just as important as other IT infrastructure elements. With the increase of mobile device use and companies being more and more geographically dispersed, strategy is becoming more and more important. When employee are better connected to suppliers and customers they can be more productive. It should not be looked at as an expense but a “driver of business growth”.

Here are the facts. More and more organizations are moving away from analog voice solutions:

  • More than three-quarters of respondents in the IDG Research Services survey say their organizations have fully or partially deployed a VoIP
  • More than half (56%) have deployed VoIP on the desktop
  • Nearly two-thirds (63%) plan to roll out desktop VoIP over the next 12 months

By making these changes, along with centralized administration and 24/7 monitoring capabilities system administrators are provided with a sigh of relief.

Cloud services give them an opportunity to focus on their core business.

Orion communications can help you implement the best “upgrade path” toward an investment that is worth it. 55% of survey respondents say that outsourcing voice services to a cloud provider achieves ROI in a shorter amount of time. No matter big or small results like this are attainable.

References: “Voice Services: Investment Goals Move Beyond Cost Savings”