Aligning Your Telecommunications Services with Your Business Objectives

The fact is that telecommunications services provided by the various carriers are only transport for critical enterprise-wide communications.

You need to make and receive telephone calls.  You have to access the Internet and receive email.  If you have multiple locations, users need to be able to access and distribute critical information in a timely manner.  But, depending on the carrier and technology you select, the outcomes can be very different.

Each carrier has different pricing structures, features and benefits, and overall value propositions.  The most frustrating part can be, no matter how hard you try to communicate your needs, the final results do not match up with your expectations.

Before you reach out to try to evaluate the options you may have, there are some critical questions you can ask which may help in the process.

  • How do you use telecommunications services today?
  • Do you truly understand the services you have?
  • How much are you paying every month?
  • How would you rate the support you receive from your providers?
  • How important are your telecommunications to your business operations?
  • If your services were unavailable for any reason, how would your organization be impacted?
  • Are you receiving complaints from your internal or external customers regarding your current telecommunications services?
  • What is the cost to your business if services were down?
  • If you could improve your services, what might some of those changes be?
  • Are there any pending activities which could change your requirements?

We also recommend you distribute these questions to other key members of your team beyond IT.  Management, team leads, receptionists/operators, accounting and power users within your organization can often provide some valuable insight.  Sometimes we receive the greatest input from the front line users who are most engaged with day to day operations and the challenges they face.

If you feel your telecommunications services could provide greater value to your organization, maybe it is time to reach out to Orion Communications.  For the last twenty years, we have been working with organizations of all sizes to better align their telecommunication services with their business requirements.  Common outcomes with our engagements are greater capacity, more reliable services and an often greater value.  In fact, most of our customers gain a bigger, badder, more reliable telecommunications network at a lower monthly cost.