Bias Can Be Good

Consultants often have the selling point that they are unbiased and can give customers fair and balanced service. Unfortunately, that may not be the truth. Consultants, in a way, do have a bias. The bias comes from their experience and knowledge. Bias does not always have to be bad and can add to a consultants value.

The bias of past projects can drive their suggestions one way or another. They have probably been through and have seen many more technologies and projects that your organization. No one wants to be a guinea pig. And with experience bias, you don’t have to be.

When working with a direct sales rep, their options are often biased by their quotas and latest products. However, a consultant works with you through the whole project, so they are going to be biased toward a solution that will work for you long term. They are not biased with cost.

During projects with a consultant, the risk that you take will also reflect on the consultant themselves. If you fail, that reflects on them as well. With that said, consultants are going to be biased with decision making based on the level of risk their customer is comfortable with.

When people hear of a biased decision, negative thoughts come to mind. But when it comes to a consultant, they are biased in your favor. By putting their experience and expertise to good use, you can make sure that your project is successful.