Construction Company Decides to Relocate Their Headquarters

Orion’s cost saving process is designed to give you the best control and visibility into your telecom environment with minimal effort on your part. Our teleSAVE product has evolved over the past 17 years to incorporate and address the most intricate areas of telecom billing and management.


  • Network Design
  • Relocation
  • SIP Trunking
  • On-Going Support


A Wisconsin based construction company decided to relocate their corporate headquarters to better support customer needs. The relocation required a new network design to support four other remote locations necessitating increased data and Internet bandwidth. The new admin site also needed to incorporate moving their call center.

Orion’s Strategy

  • A complete inventory of all the telecom services including voice, data and Internet was developed identifying critical telephone numbers and voice/data flow.
  • Orion worked closely with the customer and the telephone system and data application vendors to incorporate all the new requirements.
  • SIP trunking was designed and implemented to support the primary call flow.
  • A new data, voice and Internet network was designed at the new corporate site to centralize critical communications.


  • The new central site was implemented and ready of occupancy three weeks ahead of schedule.
  • Overall Internet bandwidth increased by 400% and data capacity to the remote locations increased by 100%.
  • Including the new location and capacity improvements, total telecom costs increased by only 7% compared to previous service budgets.
  • The implementation of SIP trunking across the enterprise provided enhanced call flow and superior customer service.
  • A critical application vendor was directly incorporated into the network to improve response performance.