General Questions

What is your geographic footprint?

Orion provides services to customers with a national presence. However, most of them make their decisions in the Midwest.

Are there any customers that are too big or too small?

We work with customers of all sizes, but typically, to have the greatest impact, we find that customers spending at least $1,500 per month is best.

What does Orion need to get started?

It is as easy as getting us your most recent telephone bills. We will take care of the rest.


Savings Projects

How long does this process take?

Once we have obtained all the information that we need, we can generally present our initial draft of savings within a couple of weeks. Once we have mutually agreed upon the next steps, you will start seeing savings within a couple of billing cycles.

What kind of results can I expect from this process?

Over the last seven years, Orion has averaged a 27% monthly cost reduction for our customers, often finding credits for past over-billings. Although we cannot guaranty similar results for everyone, we have only had four projects over this period where we have not found some savings.

Why can’t I work with my current providers to achieve these savings?

You always have the capability of working directly with your providers, but note that very few are motivated to reduce your monthly spend with them. Because we are contracted by you, we will explore all of the options, often renegotiating your contracts with the respective carriers.

What are the deliverables of the savings analysis?

Orion provides a comprehensive analysis showing your current and proposed costs including line charges, taxes and surcharges and discounts. We also provide a complete inventory of all your services including hunt groups, contractual obligations and included features.

Can I still have Orion look at my bills to make changes even though I am under contracts?

Can I still have Orion look at my bills to make changes even though I am under contracts?

What is your fee structure?

Our services are based on the monthly savings that we achieve and the credits that are earned for past over-billing. If we do not find you savings, our services cost you nothing.


Move Projects

For these move projects, what service does Orion offer?

Not only will we make sure that your critical voice, data and Internet services are ready at your new site, but we can also help to manage all of the third party vendors including cabling, telephone systems and network integrators making sure that everyone remains on task. Our services also include disconnection of the old services and review of the new billing to ensure everything is accurate.

How far in advance should Orion be contacted to assist with a relocation project?

The more time that we have, the more smoothly the process will go. We generally request at least 60 days to complete such a project, but complex services may require more time.

How does the fee structure work for Orion to help us move our telecom services?

Orion develops our fee structure for a specific project based on the complexity of the services, the scope of the work desired by our customer, and the timing alloted to accomplish the move. However, many customers find that our fees are often funded from future savings the customer achieves based on enhanced telecom services.


On-Going Support

What other services are available through Orion’s on-going support?

Generally, we can help you with any of your telecom challenges including billing, trouble ticketing and moves/adds/changes. Many customers also engage Orion for proactive bandwidth utilization reports, business continuity plans, contract management and technological reviews.

If I am experiencing a service outage or a billing issue, what would I do?

You can contact your dedicated Orion support person who can help identify the root cause of the issue and work with the carriers and your third party vendors to come to a satisfactory result.

Why would I pay Orion when the carriers provide these support services for free?

It is important to note that most carrier contacts are motivated to increase revenues. So, support issues often take a back seat to these revenue generating efforts. In comparison, Orion is contracted to work for you ensuring that your vital telecom services work and bill as expected.

What are Orion’s fees for providing on-going telecom support?

Many of our clients utilize our services on a time & materials basis, only contacting us when they do not have the time or desire to address telecom challenges themselves. However, many clients have found that a retainer agreement allows them to delegate all of their challenges to Orion leaving them available to focus on driving their business.