Financial Institution Suffers from Aging Telephone and Data Equipment

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  • Network Design
  • SIP Trunking
  • Telephone System


A Milwaukee based financial institution with locations spread across the city was suffering from an aging telephone system and data equipment. Untimely equipment failures were generating significant costs and impacting customer service. The combination of voice and data costs were also increasing having to support the remote branches.

Orion’s Strategy

  • A complete baseline analysis was created detailing all of the telecom costs for the enterprise network.
  • The data network was redesigned to incorporate MPLS including a managed network based firewall providing greater resiliency to Internet based applications.
  • A critical application vendor was added as a node to the MPLS providing the remote branches direct access to the information.
  • SIP trunking was implemented into a new telephone system which allowed the customer to eliminate most of the analog lines at each of the remote branches while keeping their telephone numbers.


  • Monthly telecom costs were reduced by 22%.
  • The monthly cost savings combined with less telephone equipment required at each of the remote sites generated an ROI of less than 14 months for all the equipment.
  • The MPLS network with the managed firewall provided quicker response times to critical application with less demand on the central site.
  • The complete inventory of services allowed the bank to move forward with much more effective change management tools.