Regional Hospital Faces Increasing Monthly Telecom Costs

Technology is changing rapidly, and for most organizations it is simply not practical to keep up with most up to date technology that delivers the best solution financially. Orion’s cost savings process can uncover extra money in your telecom budget to help fund these projects on hold.


  • Cost Savings
  • On-Going Support
  • Simplified Billing


A regional hospital with numerous clinics was struggling with ever increasing monthly telecom costs combined with limited tools to help manage change. Contracts were expiring without notice with rates increasing to significantly higher non contractual rates. Telephone lines that were assumed to be disconnected were still showing up on monthly bills. And, taxes and other third party billing continued to reappear extending already limited internal resources to get billing reconciled.

Orion’s Strategy

  • A complete analysis of all of the current telephone bills were reviewed in detail.
  • An inventory of all the services was created by location and all the services were identified and tagged.
  • Copies of all contracts were collected and reviewed to better understand their terms and conditions.
  • With a complete analysis of all services, steps were taken to reduce monthly costs by resigning appropriate contracts, eliminating unnecessary services and obtaining credits for past overbilling.


  • Monthly costs were reduced by 17%.
  • Credits for past over-billing exceeding $19,000 were received.
  • The complete inventory of services allowed the hospital to move forward with much more effective change management tools.
  • Contracts were proactively managed allowing the staff to review alternatives in advance of costs increasing significantly.
  • The tools that were generated allowed the hospital staff to maintain costs throughout the year.