Doctors Decide to Aggregate Their Practices to New Facility

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  • Network Design
  • Cost Savings
  • SIP Trunking


A group of Doctors decided to aggregate their practices and build a new facility intended to support the care of their patients. Critical telephone numbers from multiple locations needed to be integrated from various previous locations with various contractual obligations. There was also a large demand for bandwidth to both the Internet and the supporting hospital. Previous efforts with the telephone company had failed leaving little time to design and implement the required services.

Orion’s Strategy¬†

  • A thorough analysis of the current telecom services for the various Doctor locations to ensure that all services were included was conducted incorporating all of the contractual obligations.
  • A network was designed and implemented supporting the complicated call flow and large data/Internet requirements.
  • Orion worked with the telephone system and data vendor to schedule the conversions of all the critical telephone numbers to the new centralized clinic.
  • The final solution was documented to support future change requirements.


  • Although time frames were short, all the telecom services were implemented to support the opening of the new clinic.
  • All critical telephone numbers were included in the solution.
  • The total monthly costs of the telecom services were delivered at a 10% reduction compared to the original telephone company proposals at greater speeds with a shorter contract term.
  • All previous contract termination charges were assumed within the new service contracts.
  • Orion continues to support the customer to manage change.