Milwaukee Based Clinic Looks to Enhance Productivity and Eliminate Duplication

A critical step in our process is developing a true understanding of your business strategy to ensure the telecom resources can accomplish your objectives. Orion has had numerous successful projects over the years in aligning a company’s business objectives with the right telecom solution.


  • Network Design
  • Cost Savings
  • SIP Trunking


A Milwaukee based clinic with a total of three locations was finding that productivity was minimized with multiple people performing identical tasks across the locations. In addition, an aging telephone system was limiting user performance and call flow was very inconvenient for patients. Duplicated telecom service including voice and Internet was getting very expensive.

Orion’s Strategy

  • After a detailed analysis, it was determined that a wide area network needed to be implemented to centralize the enterprise. Internet was also centralized at the main location.
  • Orion worked with the customer’s telephone vendor to design a telephone system platform centralized at the main location with smaller gateways at the remote sites.
  • SIP Trunking was implemented to centralize incoming calls into the main location while maintaining remote site telephone numbers. Calls could be distributed to the remote sites over the WAN if necessary.


  • The wide area network increased overall productivity by centralizing vital information and allowing all the users to act as a single enterprise.
  • The SIP trunking reduced the number of team members that answered the phones from four to two people.
  • The implementation of SIP combined with the reduction of remote site telephone lines and Internet completely funded the data network completely AND provided a 48 month ROI on the telephone system equipment.