Clinic Realizes Voice, Data, And Internet Needs to be Centralized to Maintain Cost

Orion will focus on bringing you the best telecom solution at the lowest cost possible. Our savings analysis is unbiased because we work with all carriers to develop a solution that is tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.


  • Network Design
  • Disaster Recovery
  • On-Going Support


A Wisconsin based clinic with nine total locations was finding that rapid expansion and complicated systems required that critical voice, data and Internet applications be centralized to help maintain cost. This centralization increased the demand as well as the reliance on the wide area network that interconnected the locations. In addition, the higher bandwidth requirements impacted the internal voice quality during peak demand periods.

Orion’s Strategy

  • Orion met with the customer and identified the most critical voice, data and Internet applications.
  • A primary MPLS network was designed and implemented to support the vital data applications.
  • The telecom marketplace was explored to find that a very cost effective integrated ISDN PRI and MPLS service was available. This network was utilized as a redundant network for the data and Internet as well as a primary network for interoffice voice.


  • The customer increased available wide area network speed by 200% at the remote locations and 400% at the central site.
  • The dual MPLS network was delivered at the same cost as the previous network implemented by the customer.
  • Because there were two networks in place, whenever the primary network was unavailable for any reason, the secondary network automatically engaged.
  • Class of Service (C0S) was implemented to ensure that the voice quality was prioritized providing the highest quality.