Is Your Budget Exhausted?

For many organizations, the 2017 budget exercise is coming to a close and the red ink is starting to fly.  Even in better economic times, money can still be tight.  Although every project on your list is important, some just do not make the final cut, or at least for now.  Maybe it is time to look for some additional funding from within your current budget line items.

Did You Know?

  1. 40 % of the bills have some errors that can easily be corrected.
  2. The average customer saves about 28% per month compared to what they are paying today ranging from 10-60%.
  3. Other deliverables such as increased capacity, more resilient networks and business continuity plans can be implemented while still saving money.

Now of course, the thought of digging into telecom costs stirs up images similar to having a tooth pulled without any painkillers.  However, the end result can have a significant impact on your financial capabilities in 2017.

Telecom Audit Common Misconceptions

I am under contract so there is not much I can do.  The fact is that 90% of our customers have some kind of contractual obligation to one or even many carriers.  But, that does not mean that savings cannot be found.  There are many areas that can be addressed that will not generate any contractual liability.

I do not have time for change. Most customers find savings are available while still maintaining their current services.  Some minor changes may be required, but these can generally be accomplished through paperwork, not physical changes.  Now, there may be technology improvements that could generate additional value, but these opportunities need to be measured individually.

My carrier just reviewed our bills and we are on the best plans. We will never say that there are no good carrier representatives in the marketplace.  There are lots.  However, most of them are not motivated to decrease customer billing.  Instead, their quotas often require growth.  You really need to work with someone that is accountable only to you.

I just do not have the time to do such a project justice. We agree this process can be tedious, time consuming and frustrating, but the end result can generate significant savings for your organization.  By engaging an organization such as Orion, we can work through the process very quickly.  We only need someone to help us collect bills and then review the results.  In most cases, we can start delivering savings before you even have a chance to start the process.

I may look bad if shown that we have been overpaying. You have many piles on your desk, only one of which is to review telephone bills.  It has taken Orion many, many years to become accomplished at helping customers review telecom bills.  We are attune to this challenge and are very capable of making you look like a hero in the end.  “Hey Boss, do you know how much everyone is complaining about our Internet being so slow?  Well, I found a way to fix that and still save us money each month.”


Auditing and reconciling telephone bills can be an ugly process.  Many have spent numerous hours in the process only to show little results.  However, at Orion Communications, we can help you work through this adventure and deliver the end results you need.  And, we may even be able to provide greater telecom enhancements generating even greater hard and soft savings.  If it is time to dive in, maybe it is time to give Orion a call.