Manufacturing Company Suffers from Disjointed Network and Aging Telephone System

Technology is changing rapidly, and for most organizations it is simply not practical to keep up with most up to date technology that delivers the best solution financially. Orion’s cost savings process can uncover extra money in your telecom budget to help fund these projects on hold.


  • Cost Savings
  • Relocation
  • Telephone System
  • Network Design


A Midwest based manufacturing company headquartered in Green Bay, WI was suffering from a disjointed network and an aging telephone system. The main objective was to centralize critical data which required the relocation of their central site. A secondary objective was to upgrade their telephone system so that voice services would be more integrated. New Internet applications also required an upgraded data network. Current contractual obligations also showed a forecast for significant termination penalties.

Orion’s Strategy

  • A complete analysis was conducted to review monthly costs, a current inventory of services and contractual obligations.
  • A hosted telephone system was implemented at each of the locations, integrated the sites and improving overall call flow.
  • Contracts were renegotiated with the respective carriers to eliminate termination charges on existing contracts.
  • The wide area network and Internet was redesigned to improve available bandwidth.


  • The renegotiation of contracts eliminated what was projected as $22,000 in contract termination charges.
  • Central site data network availability was increased by 200% and Internet access was increased by 450%.
  • Overall network costs were decreased by 8%.
  • The hosted telephone system eliminated capital expenditures and on-going support costs while improving call flow and the overall customer experience.
  • A strategy was developed to move the corporate location on time and on budget with minimal downtime.