Wisconsin Based Manufacturer Requires More Capacity

A critical step in our process is developing a true understanding of your business strategy to ensure the telecom resources can accomplish your objectives. Orion has had numerous successful projects over the years in aligning a company’s business objectives with the right telecom solution.


  • Relocation
  • Cost Savings
  • Network Design
  • On-Going Support


A Wisconsin based manufacturer including (7) remote locations was finding that increased customer demand was requiring more capacity. It was determined that the administrative functions at each of the sites needed to be centralized into a new corporate location creating more floor space at the respective plants. The new corporate location created some unique challenges trying to incorporate a centralized call flow. It was also deemed that both Internet and data network capacity needed to be increased to support the new flow.

Orion’s Strategy 

  • The current telecom environment for all (8) of the current locations was thoroughly analyzed to ensure that all the critical telephone numbers and applications were considered.
  • Although traditional telecom services were implemented for the majority of the voice services, SIP trunking was included to support some specific voice applications.
  • A VPN network was replaced by MPLS to provide greater control of network capacity included integrated voice services.
  • A new telephone system was implemented at the relocated corporate site to support the centralized call flow.


  • The relocation of the new administrative site was available two weeks ahead of schedule.
  • Internet capacity was increased by 233% and data speeds were increased by 200% while increasing the overall data budget by 8%.
  • Voice capacity was increased by 200% with costs reduced by 22%.
  • The relocation reduced admin head count by 30% compared to the diversified support across all the locations.
  • Orion continues to support the customer to manage telecom change including the addition of two new distribution centers.