When telecommunications services go bump in the night, the consequences can reach across your enterprise. Customers cannot be supported; users can sit idle for hours at a time; and revenues can be lost forever. The true impact to your organization after a significant telecom outage often cannot be measured for years.

hostedDid You Know?

  • The implementation of some minor changes to your current services can support 85% of your DR plan at a very minimal cost?
  • The utilization of multiple carriers in a hybrid network can be both cost effective and protect yourself from a single carrier outage?
  • A network that is even 99% reliable means that you can be out of business for almost 5 minutes a day?

A tested and documented Disaster Recovery Plan can be the difference between continuing to support your customers or have them searching for someone else that can. Why spend so many sleepless nights worrying about what could happen when a simple call to Orion Communications can get your started?

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