Whether you are looking to connect locations across the street, around the country or even overseas, Orion Communications can assist you by looking at multiple carriers combining multiple solutions with a single point of contact. No more needing to manage multiple relationships all claiming that they have the ideal solution for you. Instead, Orion can show you all the options and provide unbiased evaluations.

Data Network Considerations

  • Managed vs. Unmanaged – Do you have the internal staff to manage and support your own equipment or would a carrier managed solution eliminate drains on your organization?
  • Business Continuity – If your primary network becomes unavailable, are you prepared to provide alternate connectivity?
  • Network Reliability–With the continued reduction of fiber services, many organizations are finding solutions with greater bandwidth while still reducing costs.
  • Flexibility – Carriers are starting to deploy bandwidth on demand solutions that can allow you to increase and decrease available capacity when you need it.


  • MPLS
  • Private Line
  • VPN
  • Ethernet
  • Wireless

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