New 833 Toll Free Code Opening Soon

For many organizations, the ability to obtain an applicable vanity toll-free number has been limited based on availability.  Every attempt to obtain a specific toll-free number has come up empty.  Well, this is about to change effective April 22, 2017 with the announcement of the new 833 toll free code.  Of course, this is still pending FCC approval and final regulations are still to be announced, but the time is now to inquire about availability.  If you are considering a vanity toll free number for your organization, give us a call.

When is the last time you reviewed your current toll-free services?

In recent reviews of toll-free services with our customers, we have found many organizations are paying an effective usage rate much higher than they should.  Usage rates, monthly service charges and taxes/surcharges account for much of this higher rate.  Knowing everyone is looking for the greatest value from their telecommunications budget, now may also be the time to look at alternate solutions to not only decrease monthly costs, but also improve call flow and organizational effectiveness.  Give Orion a call today.