PartnersWhen considering any partnership, there are three areas that must be addressed:

  1. By taking on more than your core competencies, is the door opened to additional areas of failure?
  2. When introducing extra project elements, are you potentially complicating your sale?
  3. What’s in it for me?

However, the facts are clear. If you are selling telephone systems, telephone lines are needed. If the project is network integration, connectivity to data networks and/or Internet is an essential component. And, all of the telecommunications services must be reliable, cost effective and flexible. Otherwise, the results of your solution will never reach its full potential.

For the last 20 years, Orion Communications has been working with our partners to provide complete solutions for our partners with the following results:

  • LEADS – Because Orion ONLY works on telecommunications services, we generate warm opportunities for you in areas outside our expertise.
  • VITAL BASELINE INFORMATION – Orion will dive into the current telecommunications services to ensure that the vital information that you need is thorough and accurate.
  • DECREASED COST OF OWNERSHIP – We can often find cost savings compared to what your customer is paying today to accelerate your Return on Investment through network adaptations and technology review.
  • CARRIER DIVERSITY – Having worked with over 250 carriers across the country, we can provide an unbiased view of multiple carrier services identifying their individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • MORE FOR LESS – Many of our project outcomes also deliver increased capacity preparing your customer for future growth.
  • MANAGEMENT – Our project management team can be your single point of contact to interface with the carrier services to ensure your project stays on time and on budget.
  • ACCOUNTABLE – Should challenges arise, we will not point fingers. Instead, we will work with all the parties engaged to ensure a satisfactory result.
  • DECREASED COMPETITION – We can minimize the competitive impact that carrier sales people might try to deliver as your customer engages them directly.

So, if reliable telecommunications services are vital to the success of your project, maybe it is time to reach out to Orion Communications. Not only are we accountable to the end result with you, we can offer hard and soft cost savings to assist you close the sale.

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