Ready, Set, Plan: Part III

When project planning, it is important to make sure that all important parties are involved. It is important for them to know their roles so that everyone is held accountable.



  • PBX or phone system – Someone has to know how it is programmed to take new services.  We too have to know enough to make sure things are provisioned properly with whatever service and whatever carrier.
  • Data or firewall equipment – Same thing here.  Who is familiar, either customer or vendor, with their IP details and how data is handled / routed to remote locations?


  • Technical – Many times they have an IT staff we work with that knows technical details. Sometimes this is outsourced.
  • OnSite Contact – Who knows where the network interface is, where routers install, where a tech goes when installing or troubleshooting services?
  • Billing – Who is our point of contact to get bill copies from and to make sure bills are correct?
  • Ongoing support – Who decides if/when we get engaged again and maybe if we will be there for network support maintenance?


  • As you know, this is the most complex and frustrating, as this rarely ever stays the same.  We want to take this pain away from the customer and use our knowledge to manage all these things.

Things to Remember

Troubleshooting ::   Who do I call for any repair or trouble support? – what if they tell me it isn’t them, I’m stuck in the middle – I don’t have time to sit on hold.

Billing :: I don’t know what the bill should look like – I know I won’t get my credit assuming I know what is wrong – I don’t know who to call

Making sure you know WHO you can go to for these above questions will help you after the project is completed.

This concludes the 3 part series of Ready, Set, Plan. If all of the things discussed are covered, you can look forward to a smooth project…hopefully!