Insurance Company Searches for New Phone System and Recovery Plan

Orion’s cost saving process is designed to give you the best control and visibility into your telecom environment with minimal effort on your part. Our teleSAVE product has evolved over the past 17 years to incorporate and address the most intricate areas of telecom billing and management.


  • Network Design
  • Telephone System
  • Disaster Recovery
  • On-Going Support


A Milwaukee based insurance company was searching for a new telephone system to support geographic expansion and enhance overall customer support. They needed to support interoffice connectivity for remote offices that were often unmanned. In addition, the customer wanted to build a disaster recovery site in case the primary location was unavailable for any reason.

Orion’s Strategy

  • A detailed analysis was conducted of all the voice, data and Internet services across the organization.
  • Orion worked with the customer and the various telephone system vendors to select the correct hardware to support their current and future requirements.
  • The voice telephone services across all the locations were redesigned to provide centralized call answering as required on a day to day basis.
  • A DR site was designed and integrated into the primary network and hardware at the corporate site.


  • Overall voice capacity was increased by 50% while reducing overall voice costs by 6% on a monthly basis.
  • The new telephone system was selected and implemented over a two week basis across the four locations and the DR site.
  • A manually implemented DR plan was designed and documented.
  • Remote offices would redirect calls to a centralized call center on demand.
  • Orion provides on-going support and telecom management for the customer addressing current and new locations to the network.