Non Profit Organization Aggregates Their Nine Locations

A critical step in our process is developing a true understanding of your business strategy to ensure the telecom resources can accomplish your objectives. Orion has had numerous successful projects over the years in aligning a company’s business objectives with the right telecom solution.


  • Network Design
  • Telephone System
  • Disaster Recovery
  • On-Going Support


A Southeast Wisconsin youth program decided to aggregate nine locations into a single network enterprise. Aging, inconsistent telephone systems limited the ability to aggregate the sites. A wide area network also needed to be designed and implemented to support the centralization of information. The network needed to be cost effective and resilient.

Orion’s Strategy 

  • A detailed inventory of services was creating reviewing costs, inventory and contractual obligations.
  • An MPLS network was designed and implemented to support voice , data and Internet across the enterprise.
  • Orion worked with the telephone system vendor to design a solution that would integrate voice communications across the nine locations.
  • An Internet solution was deployed to provide network redundancy for the four main sites of the organization.


  • Monthly voice service costs were reduced by 55%.
  • The voice cost reductions funded 45% of the required MPLS costs.
  • A new telephone system was implemented connecting the nine locations so that all users could be integrated.
  • The Internet redundancy plan engages immediately should the primary MPLS network be unavailable for any reason.
  • Orion provides support for the customer to compliment their internal team for site adds/moves, new network orders, billing review/reconciliation and trouble ticketing.