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    The fact is that very few organizations truly understand the bills they receive for telecom services.  The description of charges are vague and the associated costs are ever-changing.  And, carriers are rarely incented to provide instruction or lower your cost.  As your enterprise grows, the challenges become increasing complex.

    Common Challenges:

    • Monthly costs continue to skyrocket with little explanation
    • Bills just get paid because the alternative is too tedious and time consuming
    • Contracts expire with monthly costs increasing exponentially
    • High rates are accepted because the fear of change
    Expected teleSAVE Deliverables:

    • Monthly cost reductions averaging 27%
    • Credits for past over-billing
    • An audited inventory of all your services for future change management
    • Simplified billing

    In May of 2016, Orion surpassed $21,000,000 in customer savings

    Other teleSAVE Facts:

    • Out of our 193 teleSAVE projects, only 7 customers did NOT save money
    • 85% of our customers did NOT change carriers to reduce their monthly costs
    • We find that 35% of every bill we review as some area to be corrected
    • As an additional advantage, many of our clients have earned monthly savings while also increasing data and/or Internet bandwidth
    • If we do not find you savings, our services are free
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    So, if the ability to manage telecom costs have become a burden, maybe it is time to engage Orion Communications.  All we need are your telephone bills and a little bit of your time.  We are so confident that we can ease your telecom pain and find you savings that, if we cannot, our services cost you nothing.

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    System Design


    Exploring and evaluating change in the telecom marketplace can be daunting.  A well-defined, reliable network can drive the success of your organization for years to come while an inadequate network can push your customers right out the door.  And, if that is not enough pressure, your network must be cost effective, flexible and easily managed.

    For over twenty years, our team has effectively assisted our customers through the decades of telecom change.  As a direct representative of most of the major carriers and a number of regional providers, Orion can be your single point of contact to explore, evaluation and implement a telecommunications solution unique to your specific requirements.

    Orion Available Services

    • Original assessment to ensure needs are discovered
    • Discussions of best practices
    • Explore technologies and carrier offerings
    • Development of business continuity plan
    • Prepare a carrier agnostic presentation of solutions
    • Assistance with solution final design and provider selection
    • Generation of carrier contracts for execution
    • Host a kick off meeting with applicable carrier and vendor contacts
    • Project management
    • Test and turn up of carrier services
    • Network integration
    • Finalization of customer documentation
    • Bill review and reconciliation as needed


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    If the thought of considering change in your critical telecommunications network is keeping you up at night, our experience and expertise can guide you through the maze.

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    For most organizations, telecom services work perfectly until they don’t. If you are experiencing any of the frustrations below, it might be time for us to get engaged:

    • If finding the best person to speak with is impossible
    • If no one is accountable to the end result
    • If every time you need help, you need to start from the beginning

    Available teleTRACK+ Services:

    • Quarterly billing reviews and reconciliation
    • Trouble ticketing and resolution
    • Capacity/Bandwidth analysis
    • Moves/Adds/Changes
    • Proactive contract expiration notification and renegotiations
    • Telecom inventory management
    • Technology research and upgrades
    • Relocations – New Sites
    teleTRACK+ Service Options:

    Orion can customize an on-going support package to compliment your internal resources.

    • Time and Materials
    • Block of Time
    • Project Scope Based
    • Quarterly or Annual Retainers

    Orion provides you a single point of contact for any telecom challenge you might encounter. Orion is only accountable to you.


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    Since 1995, Orion has been allowing our customers to never talk to the telephone company. Instead, with on single communication to a dedicated support person, the challenge is accepted, tracked and brought to closure reporting back to you every step of the way. By no means can we claim perfection, but you can be confident that there is someone working on your behalf to reconcile the challenge to the end.