For most organizations, telecom services work perfectly until they don’t. If you are experiencing any of the frustrations below, it might be time for us to get engaged.

  • If finding the best person to speak with is impossible
  • If no one is accountable to the end result
  • If every time you need help, you need to start from the beginning

Available teleTRACK+ Services:

  • Quarterly billing reviews and reconciliation
  • Trouble ticketing and resolution
  • Capacity/Bandwidth analysis
  • Moves/Adds/Changes
  • Proactive Contract Expiration Notification and Renegotiations
  • Telecom inventory management
  • Technology research and upgrades
  • Relocations – New Sites
teleTRACK+ Service Options:

Orion can customize an on-going support package to compliment your internal resources.

  • Time and Materials
  • Block of Time
  • Project Scope Based
  • Quarterly or Annual Retainers

Orion provides you a single point of contact for any telecom challenge you might encounter. Orion is only accountable to you.


teleTRACK+ Service Options:

  • Multiple location manufacturer is challenged by increased customer demand. Read more
  • Wisconsin based construction company in need of telecom support for job site trailers. Read more
  • A nine location youth program seeks a new telephone system. Read more

Since 1995, Orion has been allowing our customers to never talk to the telephone company. Instead, with on single communication to a dedicated support person, the challenge is accepted, tracked and brought to closure reporting back to you every step of the way. By no means can we claim perfection, but you can be confident that there is someone working on your behalf to reconcile the challenge to the end.