Skyrocketing Business Line Costs

Over the last few years, many organizations have found their standard business line costs have climbing by almost 300%.  And, this does not even account for some of the additional features such as caller ID, call forwarding, etc.  Furthermore, local calling usage rates have followed this same path.  We have seen these bills increase from $200 to $900 when not addressed accordingly.

Now, to combat these cost increases, carriers are proposing the utilization of term contracts with bundled services that could include business lines, features, local calling and even long distance options.  Even if the lines do NOT require such additional services, the monthly cost savings can often be beneficial.  But, before you sign on the dotted line, it is important that you are exploring all your options so that you are not incurring unneeded liabilities and/or features and calling plans that are unnecessary.


  • Even if you are using other primary voice solutions such as ISDN PRI or SIP trunking, you likely do have some business lines with increasing costs.
  • It is valuable to include these contractual obligations to your general list of contracts to manage. When the agreement expires, most carriers will revert the monthly costs to the higher, non-contractual rates.

Knowing that every dollar counts and carrier customer service groups will try to sell you the services that best fit their models, it might be valuable to reach out to Orion Communications.  We can explore options to ensure you are receiving the best value based on how you are using the lines.