Technologies We Are Thankful For

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many people have been giving thought to what they are thankful for. We here at Orion Communications, Inc. are very thankful for all our wonderful customers and partners that have made 2014 a success. There are also a few new technologies that we are thankful for that have helped our customers prosper throughout the year.

SIP Trunking- In the past, organizations have relied on traditional telecom services such as ISDN PRI, T1s and analog lines. As changes were considered, organizations would just leap frog between carriers utilizing these same technologies. But, the maturation of SIP trunking has given organizations a brand new view of the solutions that can be implemented resulting in reduced costs, greater productivity and much more stable business continuity plans.

Fiber Access-
In the past, high speed fiber connections were reserved for the largest of organizations with cost being the driving factor. However, as fiber access costs have decreased significantly, an increasing number of organizations have found that the higher speeds and increased reliability of these access services are making sense. It is not uncommon for organizations to find capacity levels to increase by 300% while still maintaining or even decreasing monthly costs. It is important to do the math.

Hosted Services- For years, businesses have followed the philosophy of maintaining internal resources to drive their business. But, with the expansion of cloud based services, many have turned to allowing others to host critical services including data centers, virtual servers, telephone systems and security. By doing so, they have shifted the heavy lifting to the experts leaving their internal resources free to help drive the business.

Mobility- It is no longer acceptable to be out of touch while you are out of the office. The speed of business has increased exponentially. With the explosion of tablets and smart phones combined with the new expectations of customers, many organizations have expanded their reach allowing users to never be out of touch with the office. Of course,this opens the door for security concerns and device management, but the facts are the facts. Your team cannot be out of touch with your customers.

Happy Thanksgiving from Orion Communications,Inc.!