Telecom Quotes 101

8 Steps to Achieving the Greatest Value

It is that time again.  Your telecom contracts are coming up for expiration and you need to dive into the tedious and time consuming process of reviewing options.  Sure, dealing with any group of sales people can be a joy, but many have found significant benefits by fully exploring their options in the world of voice, data and Internet.  Here are some steps to ease the process.

  1. Provide written notice to your current providers of your intent to not necessarily maintain your services. This will eliminate any potential of your contracts automatically renewing.  It is also important to include that you are NOT providing authorization to disconnect these service, just notice.  Not only does this provide you protection, but it also lets your current provider(s) you are serious about potential change.
  2. Be prepared to meet with the carrier representatives. You should thoroughly know what services you have including what you like and what could be improved.  Depending on your internal policy, providing potential providers with current billing is not a bad thing.  It does provide the information to ensure they are also being thorough.
  3. Prepare a wish list. Would faster Internet be of value to your organization?  Do you need more voice trunks because callers are getting busy signals?  Could your business continuity plan use upgrading?  Many find these wish lists can be accomplished at or even below what they are paying today.
  4. Ask for their best price right away. Obviously you can work to renegotiate pricing as you review the responses, but this can minimize the time you spend having carriers resubmit proposals.
  5. Try to achieve fiber based access services vs. traditional copper facilities. These solutions can be more reliable and provide overall increased network speeds while being cost effective.
  6. GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING! Even if you are having subsequent verbal conversations, send out an email stating your understanding and ask for written confirmation.  People can change throughout the process.  The whole “He said, She Said” debate only takes you so far in the end.
  7. Engage your third party vendors such as your telephone system or network integrator. Some of the solutions may make sense from a telecom standpoint, but could have other unknown consequences that could cost you money.
  8. When you get your contracts, thoroughly review the documents and compare them to your proposals. In the end, the document you sign will be what you are liable for.  If things change in the process, make sure that either your contracts address these changes OR an addendum is provided.

If you are going through the process to evaluate your telecommunications services such as voice, data and Internet, you may as well get the best bang for your buck.  Following many of these steps can ensure the end results you require can be achieved in a timely, cost effective manner.

Introducing Orion Communications

So, you see the value in evaluating what you have to see if there is something bigger, faster and stronger while still managing your budget.  But, past experience in this process has only generated headaches.  Maybe it is time to reach out to Orion Communications.  As a representative of over 250 carriers throughout the country, we can provide you with a single document reviewing all of your potential options detailing the benefits and challenges of each.