The Last Step

Congratulations!  Your telecom conversion project has completed and you are relatively happy with the end results.  Once you have finished doing the final fist bumps, it is recommended you spend a minute to update your documentation.  Please trust it is much easier to do it now while everything is fresh in your mind compared to a year from now when you have a service outage and you are desperately searching through your emails.

Here are some helpful hints to include:

  • Account numbers and circuit ID’s
  • Telephone numbers for who to call if you have questions/issues
  • Escalation contacts should you need to turn up the heat
  • Contract dates and a copy of the original contract
  • An analysis to compare costs when the first bill arrives
  • Business continuity information and instructions
  • Telephone number lists of your current inventory
  • Static IP’s
Again, this documentation can be very handy.  And, it is always beneficial to house this information in an easy to access location just in case you are allowed to take a vacation someday.

Finally, schedule yourself a reminder six months to even a year prior to your contracts expiring.  This can serve as a proactive reminder to start reviewing your services and potential changes prior to your contract terminating.