The Whole Picture

Not a day goes by in which Orion does not receives a request to review an element of telecom services for a customer.  Maybe, a need for greater Internet bandwidth is required to support new applications.  Or, a customer is looking to upgrade their current voice services to a new, more effective technology.  However, as carriers continue to deliver new service options that often included bundled services, exploring single elements of your carrier services may be doing you an injustice.  And, depending on the overall needs of your organization maybe even across multiple locations, a comprehensive analysis could bring even greater value.


Now of course, there can be some challenges by increasing the scope of a project.

  • Contractual obligations for multiple services rarely line up in the same timeframes. But, even with some potential termination charges, the ROI on a comprehensive solution can be expedited.
  • Engaging more than one element can complicate a project often having to engage multiple departments and applications. However, if a project is successfully managed, transitions can be planned for each element providing a smooth transition.
  • There is sometimes just not enough time to increase the tasks needing to be consider. In many cases, the transitions for each of the unique elements can be transitioned over a longer period of time.  This can generate some duplicate billing for services over a short time, but the annual savings can still be significant, especially combined with the other project deliverables.

If you are considering making changes to your environment, there can be considerable benefits in extending the scope to include all of the telecom elements such as voice, data, Internet and usage.  It can take a little more time and work to be more comprehensive, but the end results can deliver great advantages – not just cost savings, but also increased capacity, enhanced business continuity plans and more reliable services overall.

Should you find that a more thorough examination might be advantageous, you can start by sending Orion Communications all of your telecom bills.  From there, we can generate a solid baseline and multiple options incorporating multiple carriers and technologies to meet your short and long term expectations.  From there, decisions can be made based on next steps and timing.  Give us a call today.