Charter Airline Searches for Expanded Bandwidth

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  • Cost Savings
  • Network Design
  • Telephone System


A local charter airline provided personalized travel for its customers.
An expanded presence and increasing customer demand was creating
a need for expanded voice and Internet bandwidth. However, their
telephone system had reached it maximum capacity and the expected
costs of an upgrade outreached their available current budget. The
customer also needed to design a telecom solution that centralized
incoming calls to minimize head count.

Orion’s Strategy

  • Orion analyzed their current environment including the customers expected rate of expansion over the short and long term.
  • A new telephone system was implemented to support the administrative and remote site requirements.
  • A new local telephone line service was installed to provided increased voice capacity and flexibility integrating both voice and Internet access.
  • Inbound calls were centralized to the corporate location taking advantage of the increased voice line capacity.


  • Voice capacity was increased by nearly 300% eliminating the previous busy signals customers experienced.
  • Internet bandwidth was more than doubled.
  • Total voice and Internet costs were decreased by 40% at the central site including the increased call volume.
  • Almost all of the remote site telephone lines were eliminated.
  • The new telephone system including the integration of the two remote sites was completely funded in eleven months based on the telecom savings generated.
  • The centralized call flow allowed users to focus on improved customer service at the remote terminals.