What Does the Most Recent Mega Telecom Merger Mean to You?

With the recent announcement CenturyLink has made an offer to purchase for Level(3) for a total of $34 billion, the question has often been asked, “What does this mean to my organization?”

Here are some results and other pertinent information

  • Two of the top three IP/SIP providers will be merging.
  • The new company will become the second largest domestic communications provider.
  • Level(3) in combination with its recent merger with TW Telecom will provide local access solutions to CenturyLink, making their last mile more competitive.
  • The combined company will have a global footprint in more than 60 countries.
  • The extended last mile services will provide more service offerings for CenturyLink outside of their current LEC footprint.
  • It is not expected to be finally approved by the FCC until Fall, 2017.

It is important to note that the full integration of the two networks will be very complicated.  Each of the carriers is still integrating network services from previous acquisitions.  Although long term, this merger will provide significant benefits to the customer bases of the two organizations, history of similar consolidations have resulted in there may be some challenges for customers looking to add on or make changes to current services with the respective providers.

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