Why Orion?

Many customers feel by working directly with the carriers, they have the greatest control over their outcome, eliminating the middle man.  And, maybe for the largest organizations, this is the case as they have dedicated teams available to support them.  But, for most, this is not the case.  In fact, even if they have a direct team, that team has been cycled through many times over the length of a relationship.

For 22 years, Orion Communications has been supporting customers of all size and vertical markets to provide the support customers expect.  So, if you are thinking that there has to be a better way, we have provided our top 10 list for why you should consider Orion.

  1. Single Point of Contact – If you have a challenge of any kind, you can reach out once and we can take it from there. No searching through multiple departments, waiting on hold endlessly and having to re-explain your business with every attempt.  We will proactively keep you in the loop while providing resolution to your requests.
  2. Cost Savings – Our customers have earned an average 28% monthly cost savings often finding past credits for previous over-billing. And, in 85% of these cases, only small changes have been made to their current environment.
  3. Technology Exploration – These days, new technologies for telecommunications services are being launched continuously. Orion Communications has vetted most of these solutions prior to introducing them to our customers to ensure they are not bleeding edge.
  4. Diverse Offerings – When you work directly with the carriers, each guarantees they have the ideal solution for your organization. As a representative of over 250 carriers across the country, we can match your specific needs with the technologies and carriers that best suit both your short and long term requirements.  Most of our customers see multiple solutions from multiple providers within a single presentation rather than attempting to manage multiple vendor relationships.
  5. Accountability – When we propose a solution, we will be accountable to the end result. We have never claimed to be perfect and we do sometimes make mistakes, but we are there working with you to bring the process to closure.
  6. The Big Picture – We understand telecom services are only a transport method to support voice, data and Internet applications. So, we can guide you through the complicated maze of service offerings to deliver a solution to drive your organization.
  7. Project Management – Orion employs Project Managers with decades of experience managing the tedious and time consuming nature of implementing telecom services. We work with your team, third party vendors and the carriers to keep your project on schedule and on budget.
  8. Proactive Support – Through many of our service offerings, we are proactively reviewing your billing to ensure it remains accurate. When it’s not, we fix it, reporting back to you every step of the way.  We also provide you proactive communications as your contracts set to expire so you have time to review your options.
  9. Experience and Expertise – Although the needs of your organization are unique, we have been working on similar projects for many, many years. We can show you the pros and cons of each solution and how it relates to your requirements.
  10. Trouble Resolution – When things go bump in the night, Orion is there to resolve these challenges, expediting carrier support as necessary. There is not more finger pointing where vendors blame carriers and carriers blame your vendors.  Instead, we get everyone on the same page to resolve your outage.  When things are up and running as expected, then we work with all the parties to find the root cause so it can be minimized in the future.

When it comes down to it, Orion provides superior value to our customers.  We help design solutions that drive their business in the most cost effective manner.  And, when there are challenges, we are accountable to you to deliver resolution.  Our services are not free, but, in the end, our customers will tell you that we save them money every year while providing bigger, faster and more reliable telecommunications networks. Throw on top of all of these benefits the reduced amount of time you and your team spend chasing down your current vendors to get the simplest challenges resolved, the value increases exponentially.

If any of our top 10 lists sounds interesting to you, it is time to give Orion a call.  Not only can we provide endless references for you, but you will also quickly find how unique our organization is.  We work for you to ensure that telecommunications services become a true asset to your organization, not just another line item on your P&L statement.